Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can be done from 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is carried out with you lying on your side; your bump, knees and ankles are fully supported. A combination of massage techniques are used to relieve any physical aches and pains and offer a wonderful mental support during your pregnancy and to prepare you for labour and the postnatal period.


Achey back, shoulders, hips, Pelvic girdle pain, Pubis pain or Sciatica to name a few common problems I see on a regular basis, can all be helped and often stopped with the use of massage as well as other bodywork such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic.  We do not have to suffer, when caught early, a lot of these symptoms are so easily managed,

There are many causes of hip and pelvic aches in pregnancy, from an increase in the hormone ‘Relaxin’, which loosens the joints and ligaments between your bones and pelvis to simpler things such as having to change your usual sleeping position and the growth of the baby putting extra pressure on your body.

Whatever the cause, specific areas can be targeted to support the changes your pre-natal body is going through.

I can give you advice on posture, stretches and talk you through everyday self help tips to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy pain free.

Nearer to your due date we can use acupressure points during the massage to prepare your body for labour. This works by working on points known to have a ripening effect on the cervix.

Women who have regular treatments throughout pregnancy will find they are less likely to suffer from the usual  'pregnancy ailments' we commonly associate as just being part of pregnancy. Massage is an excellent way to keep cramps, heartburn, sleepless nights, tight shoulders, painful hips and achy backs at bay.