Postnatal Massage

Depending on the labour experience that you had, a postnatal massage can be done as soon as the day after you have given birth.

In an ideal world, all mums would have a massage as soon after birth as possible. It is great emotional support as well as helping the muscles release all the tension from labour, to gently heal and help with spinal realignment.


In our society a lot of mamas feel the pressure to be back to their pre-pregnant selves in a very short amount of time which can cause exhaustion and emotional stress.In this period you need to be taking care of yourselves like you are that wonderful little baby! This has not been lost on other cultures, in Mexico women have baby moons of 28 days where they are looked after and nurtured and in Ayurvedic Indian tradition, women are cared for by female relatives for a full 40 days, which includes a daily massage - how great if we could do that here!



Postnatal massage can be done with or without baby present and is great for emotional support, preventing or treating aches and pains that can be caused by the 'breastfeeding hunch' or lower back pain from misaligned hips.

The majority of my clients always say they wish they had had this treatment sooner, as it really feels so soothing and healing. I look at the structure of your body to see where needs to be re-aligned and use a combination of massage techniques such as deep tissue, soft tissue release and acupressure to bring the body back to where it needs to be.


Postnatal massage is so beneficial for boosting circulation which will speed up healing (great for c-section scar and tear recovery), waste clearance, milk production and muscle relaxation.