All treatments are designed for mamas who are pregnant, postnatal or at any point in their motherhood journey.


Treatments are aromatherapy based and only high grade cruelty free, products are used. 

Only pregnancy safe essential oils are used for pregnant mamas – so none of the products are harmful to your growing baby. 


All treatments are suitable if you are trying for a baby, from 12 weeks of pregnancy and beyond! They can all be tailored for a specific concern such as pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, c-section scar healing & preparing you for birth.

Relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home!

60 minutes : £50
90 minutes : £70
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Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations mama! Pregnancy is such an exciting time but can cause discomforts both physically and mentally! This full body massage is incredibly relaxing and will help alleviate any aches or pains you may have during your pregnancy. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards.


Postnatal Massage

Great work mama! You have now carried and birthed your baby(ies) A truly life changing experience, it can take a huge toll on your body so this treatment will help improve posture, stretch & realign your muscles and comfort your mind, body & soul.

Depending on your experience you can have this treatment as soon as one day after you have given birth. A perfect treat in your 4th trimester!


Swedish Massage

This classic, gentle massage is deeply calming, will help boost circulation and help relieve muscle pain and tension.



Deep Tissue Massage

Using slow, deep pressure to treat the muscles and connective tissue, this treatment will help break down scar tissue from injuries, relieve pain and muscle stiffness.



Aromatherapy Massage

Using a bespoke blend of essential oils tailored to your needs alongside a variety of massage treatments, this treatment can relax you, help you sleep, boost concentration or energise you!


Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing head, neck shoulder and upper back massage using acupressure and ayurvedic techniques. Amazing for relieving tension headaches and other physical and mental stress related manifestations.







"I couldn’t recommend Laura enough, she made me feel so relaxed from the first moment I met her and her warm welcoming aura was contagious! My pregnancy massage was amazing and I can’t wait to get booked in again for a little bit of me time before my little one arrives!" - Rachel