• Laura

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage

Welcome to Clean Beauty Mamas, I am delighted you are here! Let me introduce myself; I am Laura, wife of a bearded fella, mama to Rafe and founder of Clean Beauty Mamas. I offer pregnancy and post-natal massage to provide mamas and mamas-to-be not only with physical relief from aches and pains but also to promote a positive mindset throughout pregnancy and motherhood and to help support a positive birth experience. I can help you find your happy place!

"For thousands of years, Massage has been applied as an effective, valuable therapy during Pregnancy and Childbirth in nearly all traditional cultures.  The origins of Pregnancy Massage really date back to the beginning of the recorded use of Massage.  The 3000 year old discipline of Ayurvedic Medicine has ancient texts with instructions about Massaging Pregnant Women with oils during and after pregnancy"

I have been qualified in massage and aromatherapy for almost 10 years. After being pregnant and having my little boy I had a really strong desire to study pregnancy massage and set up Clean Beauty Mamas to offer fellow mamas support for mind, body and soul. (I would now also like to train as a midwife or doula!)

Pregnancy can be truly a magical time, however for some it can be a tougher journey. Support I can offer with massage and bodywork can range from pure relaxation to easing anxieties/depression and relieving physical pains such as sciatica, achy hips and pelvic girdle pain to name a few. I can advise you on posture, show you stretches and talk you through everyday self help tips (that you can pass on to your partner!) so you can enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood journey pain free.

"Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime - an initiation into a new dimension of mind-body awareness" Ina May Gaskin

A lot of aches and pains or 'pregnancy ailments' we hear from pregnant women and new mothers can actually be avoided and stopped with the use of massage and other bodywork. We absolutely do not have to suffer, when caught early a lot of symptoms are easily managed. I strongly believe that every woman should have some kind of bodywork during pregnancy and postnatally, it has wonderful effects and I credit massage to helping me have such a positive experience during my pregnancy, labour and those crazy early days of motherhood. You can check out this study to see the benefits of massage during pregnancy.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you and you can check out all my treatments here.

Laura x