• Laura

DIY: Rose & Jasmine Body Oil


Making your own beauty products can be so simple! This body oil is so easy to make and has such a luxurious scent and feel to it. DIY beauty doesn't have to complicated, messy or sticky (honey and avocado I'm looking at you!)

This oil does require a little patience though as you have to wait at least a couple of weeks for it to infuse. It is totally worth the wait though!

As you can see this oil is high in floral energy, I have combined classic rose with uplifting jasmine. It is perfect for both mamas and mamas to be to treat themselves to some pamper time.


  • Sterile empty bottle

  • Dried rose buds or petals

  • Jasmine essential oil

  • Carrier oil​


  • Gather your dried rose buds and/or petals and place into a clean, dry bottle.

  • Filling the bottle about one-third full of dried flowers. - It’s important to use fully dried flowers here as any water or moisture will effect the final product and could lead to bacteria growing in your body oil.


  • Fill the bottle (I have used a 150ml bottle) with carrier oil, seal and leave to infuse in a warm and sunny spot for 2-3 weeks. I have used cold pressed olive oil in this bottle, others you could use are grapeseed, jojoba or sunflower. Make sure it is the best quality you can find (cold presses and organic).


  • Once the infusion time (2-3 weeks) is up you can then add the jasmine essential oil. For every 10ml of carrier oil you can add 5 drops of essential oil, however if you are pregnant or have sensitive skin lower this to 2 drops per 10ml. For example, for 150ml you can add up to 30 drops essential oil, if pregnant/sensitive up to 15 drops essential oil.

I like to keep the dried flowers in the bottle as I like how it looks, if you prefer though you can strain out the roses and transfer the oil into another bottle, totally up to you!

Now you can apply your oil as you please, enjoy the aromatic scent and your super soft, floral scented skin! I will say this oil is particularly good for dry, sensitive skin, great for minimising/preventing stretch marks and healing (c-section) scarring.

P.S If you use a clear bottle like me, keep it away in a cupboard away from direct sunlight so it doesn't spoil the oil.

If you make this lovely body oil I would love to know your thoughts or see a pic on Facebook or Instagram.

Laura x