• Laura

5 Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Let me start by telling you what a Pregnancy Massage is; it is a combination of massage techniques including swedish, deep tissue, movement, aromatherapy, shiatsu and acupressure to support the physiologic, structural and emotional well-being of mama and growing foetus.

The treatment takes place with mama lying in side position with ankles, knees and bump fully supported with pillows or semi-reclining so blood flow isn't restricted and it is much more comfortable!

It can be done after 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to end and even during labour. If you are overdue and anxious to meet your baby techniques can be used to help induce labour.

"Cultural and anthropological studies indicate that massage and movement during the childbearing experience were and continue to be a prominent part of many cultures' health care. Indian Ayurvedic medical manuals detail therapists' instructions for rubbing specially formulated oils into pregnant patients' stretched abdominal skin. Traditional sculptures depict Eskimo fathers supporting and lovingly stroking their labouring wives' backs. In certain Irish hospitals labouring women are held and touched by a doula (labour assistant) or midwife through most of their notably short, uncomplicated labours. For billions of women, over thousand of years, midwives' highly developed hands-on skills have provided loving support and eased childbearing discomforts."

Creating new life within your body can be such a beautiful experience but the physiological and emotional changes can take a toll. Along with other things such as pregnancy yoga and hypno-birthing classes, pregnancy massage can have such a wonderful, positive effect on your pregnancy, labour and motherhood journey. They have all sure all helped me!

Here are 5 AMAZING BENEFITS pregnancy massage can have:

  • TENSION AND PAIN RELIEF - You know the backache!

  • DECREASE SWELLING - Discomfort from any water retention can be relieved.

  • HELP YOU TO CONNECT WITH YOUR BABY - When baby moves during treatment it is magical!

  • CALMS THE MIND - Depression and general anxieties about the pregnancy or birth can be eased.

  • TARGETS STRETCH MARKS & CELLULITE - Even though nothing to be ashamed of! Massage movements and oils used can boost circulation and improve skin tone.

Don't just take me word for it you can read this in depth study on the effects of pregnancy massage on mood elevation and pain relief.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about pregnancy massage, check back for more wellbeing and beauty posts coming soon!

Oh and if you have any questions for me, then please ask away!

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