Heavenly facials in the comfort of your own home


All treatments are designed for mamas who are pregnant, postnatal or at any point in their motherhood journey.


Each facial treatment is tailor made to your skin concern(s), hormonal changes throughout pregnancy, the postnatal period and at various other points in our lives can cause changes in our skin.

With these treatments concerns such as dryness, oiliness, hormonal breakouts, psoriasis, fluid retention and puffiness can all be addressed and alleviated.


A combination of  high grade, organic, clean beauty + cruelty free, products are used. 


All treatments are suitable if you are trying for a baby, from 12 weeks of pregnancy and beyond! 

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Nourish + Restore

60 minutes - £60


This facial treatment is sunshine for the soul.

It is designed to care for your skin's specific needs whilst encouraging deep relaxation.

The treatment will begin with tension melting scalp + shoulder compressions.

After a thorough deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation you will enjoy a therapeutic acupressure massage on your legs + feet or hands + arms while your skin is absorbing the wonderful active natural ingredients of the nourishing face mask.

The treatment is perfect if you are in need of supercharged relaxation as it treats your whole wellbeing.

As well as having beautiful skin you will also be fully connected to your inner calm.

Illuminate + Rejuvenate

60 minutes - £60

A luxury bespoke facial for healthy, happy,  glowing skin.

This radiance boosting treatment combines deep cleansing and brilliant hydrating with an intensive 30 minute facial massage to rejuvenate your complexion and skin tone.

Using a jade Gua Shua, acupressure, lymphatic drainage + other massage techniques the natural face lift massage will add vibrance, relax + sculpt tense muscles and reduce appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

Enjoy a further neck + shoulder massage after a glow-boosting, hydrating mask has been applied to work its wonders.

You will feel truly uplifted and glow like a goddess!